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Are your customers limited in how they can pay? AllayPay works with your business to deliver unique and powerful integrations that work for you. With a wide network of banks and years of experience in the high-risk industry, we can connect you with a merchant provider and ensure you have the tools to satisfy your customers, regardless of your line of work.


As cash becomes less relevant, businesses need more options to accept payments from customers. Whether you’re accepting cards in store or need a mobile terminal, merchants must provide solutions for any customer need. With AllayPay, we have the resources and systems that satisfy your needs.

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POS Systems
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Wireless Terminal
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Mobile Payments
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EMV Terminal
Retail Solutions
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As online stores continue to rise, you need an eCommerce site that will keep up. But with so many options, finding the right one can take time. Luckily, AllayPay provides seamless integrations and the proper tools to keep your business connected and safe. Check out our eCommerce solutions!

eCommerce Solutions


MOTO, or mail-order/telephone orders, are great ways to expand your reach and offer new ways for customers to pay. While most merchant providers don’t provide the right solutions, AllayPay knows the importance of security and flexibility within your business. That’s why we provide reliable merchant accounts and virtual terminals to accept customer payments fast and simple.

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Mobile Payments
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Invoice Links and email payments
MOTO Solutions
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Check Processing

Processing checks online or face-to-face is made simple with AllayPay’s check processing integration tools. Get real-time check verification, same-day deposits, and reduce fraud and chargeback with our protective services. Want to get started? Learn more about our check processing features.

Check Processing Solutions


AllayPay offers several integrations and tools that adapt to your business needs. From eCommerce platforms to CRM systems, AllayPay gives you the power to better manage your business without doing the heavy lifting.

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Shopping Cart
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POS Systems
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CRM Tools
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Accounting Software

Looking for a specific integration to meet your needs?

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