RewardPay Program

Eliminate up to 90% of your merchant processing fees with AllayPay’s Fully Compliant Surcharge Program

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How it Works

Our RewardPay Program offers your business all the tools necessary to make a seamless switch, including proper signage, and the most updated gateways and terminals to get started today!

  • When your customers choose to pay with their credit card, a small surcharge is automatically applied to the total transaction, saving you 100% of the fees. Charge $500 and receive $500, and pay nothing more!
  • When they choose to use their debit card, the system knows not to apply the small surcharge. However, you still benefit by saving over half in traditional processing fees!


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$$$ = Save 100% of credit card processing fees

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Compliant with all Card Brands

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Seamless integration when using AllayPay’s RewardPay Point of Sale technology

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Free signage to manage and markup your advertised price

By giving your customers a choice, it 100% eliminates any concern as they are the ones making the decision on which payment method they use. End result, customers are content and you save thousands of dollars each month!

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Process With Us Today

Don’t waste any more time trying to find the right solution. Regardless of your industry, poor credit, or lack of payment processing history, we’ll work with you to get you on track for quick and efficient payment processes.

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