Pain-Free Payment Processing

As a high-risk industry, finding the right payment processor can be challenging. Whether it’s a reputational risk, bad credit or strict regulations, getting approved for a merchant account is no easy feat. What you need is a payment processor who understands your industry and the risks you face each day. You need AllayPay.

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We Work With Any High-Risk Merchant

With AllayPay, we make credit card processing fast and easy for any high-risk merchant, including:

  • CBD & Hemp
  • Credit Repair
  • Leasing Companies
  • Web Design
  • MLM Businesses
  • Adult
  • eCommerce
  • Medical billing
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Movers
  • Tobacco & Vape

Not only do we work with any industry, but we offer several services to keep your business operating smoothly. From chargeback and fraud protection, personalized service, PCI compliance and more, AllayPay will reduce the risks your business faces. Simplify the payment process and get AllayPay today.

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Customize Your Merchant Account

Since AllayPay is able to integrate with virtually any website or platform, we can support your needs and give you the tools you’re looking for. From EMV terminals, POS systems and chargeback prevention tools, we provide a solution that keeps your business competitive. And with a knowledgeable team of high-risk merchant accounts, we’ll streamline the process and handle any issues that arise.

Find the Right Solution
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Payment Options You Can Rely On

AllayPay includes several payment options that your business can take advantage of. Whether it’s creating a seamless online store, or simple over-the-phone transactions, we have the tools that will integrate with any need.

Eliminate the Stress of Payment Processing

As a high-risk merchant, you’re faced with several risks that could damage your business. Whether it’s high chargebacks, credit score or business type, AllayPay knows how to eliminate the stress that comes with your industry.

We use our network of banks to connect you with a provider we know won’t immediately turn you down. On top of that, our mitigation solutions and personalized terminals will give you the edge you need to stay ahead without stressing about getting an account. We make sure to understand your business inside and out, so that you can continue to grow.

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Process With Us Today

Don’t waste any more time trying to find the right solution. Regardless of your industry, poor credit, or lack of payment processing history, we’ll work with you to get you on track for quick and efficient payment processes.

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